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Get to know the Greek Notariat

According to the law (Article 1 paragraph 1 of N.2830/2000), the notary public is an unpaid public servant and his institutional role is similar to that of a judicial officer (Article 92, paragraph 4 Greek Constitution).
The Greek notary prepares with legal certainty contracts relating to immovable property, inheritance and family law and company law. These documents constitute public documents and are, therefore, conclusive evidence against all, for everything verified in them.
Under the system of "preventive justice", the notary acts as an independent, impartial and objective advisor to all parties to a transaction (never for a "customer") while ensuring the legality of the contract and the public interest.
Exercising in this way the office is a key element in avoiding lengthy and costly litigation, disputes and controversies concerning the validity and importance of the contractual terms of trade.

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